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According to the Croatian Audiovisual Center (HAVC), as many as five percent of tourists from the European Union choose the location and city where they will spend their vacation according to their favorite films, ie the cities in which they were shot, croatia filming locations.

HAVC director Chris Marcich said at the recently held first film conference in Croatia “PROFilm Days” organized by the newly opened Zagreb Film Office and Jutarnji that the tourism and film industry are closely related branches and that foreign productions also attract many tourists. list, and all present international producers, lecturers, as well as representatives of the Croatian Ministries of Culture and Tourism agreed that Croatia in a small area provides a variety of climates, cultural heritage, and thus a location for filming.

“We are already working on a lot of projects in Croatia, I am grateful to Chris Marchich for receiving incentives for new ones and we hope to bring more and more because Croatia has proven to be one of the best European locations,” said Tomasz Dąbrowski, Netflix Production Manager. in the EMEA region, and thus announced that Netflix will record even more in Croatia.

Since the entry into force of the Program measure to encourage investment in the production of audiovisual works (cash rebate) in 2012, to date, 67 major world productions have been recorded in Croatia and one billion kuna in revenue has flowed. The Croatian National Tourist Board has also begun to recognize the film industry service production company as a major communication channel of our destination in the world.

“Last week, the filming of a popular Korean show ‘Battle trip’, which is watched by more than 25 million people, was completed in Croatia. The Koreans also brought two of their big pop stars to our country for the purpose of filming, who announced their whereabouts, and Twitter exploded at that moment because fans are following them wherever they go. The show will be broadcast in two months, which means that then we can expect an increase in the number of Korean tourists, “said Martina Srnec, head of the CNTB’s marketing department, at the PROFilm Days conference, mentioning Salma Hayek, an actress on Instagram. follows almost 10 million people, who this year made as many as two films in Croatia and promoted the beauties of Croatia on social networks wherever she went …

Film locations have undoubtedly become a tourist product because they attract tourists who want to take pictures or visit the locations of their favorite films … Walk with us on a film set and find out where the world’s biggest productions have been in Croatia since 2012.


The second sequel to the musical romantic comedy “Mamma Mia Here We Go Again!” (2017), spiced with hits by the legendary Swedish band Abba, was filmed on our beautiful and enigmatic Vis. The island, which for almost half a century was an isolated military stronghold banned by foreign tourists due to its geostrategic importance, experienced its five minutes with the arrival of big stars such as Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth and Amanda Seyfried, who star in this Hollywood blockbuster. glory, and the world could see the untouched Mediterranean on the big screen, “as it once was.” In 2018, Vis was included among the candidates for the European Film Location Award – the choice for the best European film location, local agencies in their tourist offers have introduced trips to the bay Barjoška, ​​which is now colloquially called Mamma Mia Beach.


From 2012 until last year, Dubrovnik played the powerful capital of the Seven Kingdoms, King’s Landing in one of the most popular and most expensive series ever broadcast in the world.

“Game of Thrones” produced by HBO. That the time received the best possible commercial ad is proved by thousands of fans of the series who flock to our walled city to see the locations from the series, and Croatian tourism this year received a prestigious award from the ITB fair in Shanghai for the best tourist tour “Game of Thrones” in Dubrovnik. The City Under the Heart was also Canto Bight, the city of casinos, a place to entertain the ultra-rich from the galaxy if you watch Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2016), a lavish Renaissance town if you watched the Borgia III series (2014). and the scene of the Knights Templar battles in the “Knightfall” series (2016). For the needs of the film “Robin Hood” (2017), Dubrovnik movie production in Croatia disguised itself as the English Nottingham, and the big stars of the film Taron Egerton and Jamie Foxx arrived in the City at that time.


This spring, the global streaming service Netflix filmed the scene for the new series “Medical Police” on Ban Josip Jelačić Square, and shortly after that Klaićeva Street and the Mimara Museum were turned into a film set for the thriller “The Hitman’s Wife Bodyguard (2019)” starring Salma Hayek, Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds. BBC’s high-budget series “McMafia” in addition to being filmed on Pag, in Zadar, Split and Opatija, was also filmed in Zagreb, so the Upper Town and the Palace of Doors in the acting series Prague, Johann Franck on Ban Jelačić Square is a nightclub in Tel . Aviv, and the Concert Hall Va retreats to the airport. Last year, Uspjeh was filmed in Zagreb, the first series from the original HBO production in our region, directed by Oscar winner Danis Tanović, which celebrated our young actress Tara Thaller. The latest series of foreign productions filmed in our metropolis is Strike Back (2019), a British-American action war series for which the first two episodes of the eighth season hired famous local actors Goran Bogdan, Branko Đurić and Ivana Miličević.


Brijuni was chosen as the authentic location for the feature film “Barefoot Emperor” (2018), directed by Belgian director Peter Brosens and American director Jessica Woodworth, and Croatian co-producers are Lana Matic and Boris T. Matic from the production company Propeler Film. It is a sequel to the award-winning film “King of the Belgians”, and this time the plot takes the main character to an island that was once Tito’s famous summer residence. As he prepares to flee the island to save his kingdom, an envoy arrives and informs him that he has been chosen to become the first emperor of the nationalist New Europe. 34 Croatian filmmakers and more than 380 extras were hired for the film, and the “Barefoot Emperor” premiered at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival.


Episodes of the television series “The Terror” (2017) by the American cable company AMC, a supernatural thriller inspired by the real and mysterious disappearance of the royal expedition, were filmed on the island of Pag two years ago. At that time, 208 domestic film workers were engaged in the project, of which 57 were extras, and our island, which otherwise looks like the surface of the Moon, was shown in a series chained by snow and replaced by the icy Arctic. The Terror was produced by Oscar-winning director and producer, the genius Ridley Scott. The already mentioned series McMafia (2016), in addition to Zagreb and Zadar, was also filmed on Pag, and this island hosted the Italian team of the film “Se Ti Abbraccio Non Aver Paura” (2018) directed by Oscar winner Gabriele Salvatores, and it is an emotional film adaptation that shows the father-son relationship as they travel through eastern Italy.

Odransko field

With the entry into force of the new Audiovisual Activities Act in 2018, measures to encourage investment in the production of audiovisual works have been increased from 20 to 25, and in areas of special state concern to 30 percent. The first foreign production to take advantage of these incentives in areas of special state concern is the American one for The Master Butcher’s Singing Club (2018), a historical drama about German expatriates in the United States between the two world wars. They decided to shoot the first shots in Kiev, between Knin and Sinj, and stayed the longest in Odransko polje, in the municipality of Lekenik, where they built an entire American town from the beginning of the last century. Odransko polje thus appeared on the big screen for the second time, after Šegrt Hlapić, a feature film by director Silvije Petranović from 2013.


Odyssey (2015) is a spectacular film about French underwater explorer, visionary and innovator Jacques Cousteau, directed by Jérôme Salle in 2016 and shot on Hvar, the Paklinski Islands, Vis and Biševo, but also below the surface. sea ​​near these islands. The Adriatic coast thus played the south of France, and was visited by actors Lambert Wilson and Audrey Tautou, Amelie’s favorite. In 2018, young and rich Brits visited Hvar to film the high-budget reality soap opera “Made In Chelsea” where they enjoyed beach bars, sunbathing on Hvar’s beaches, sumptuous dinners and yachts, and it is certainly the 16th season of Made In Chelsea ”Brought more Britons to the Croatian coast. The main part of Antoneta’s debut feature film Alamat Kusijanović called “Murina”, co-produced by Martin Scorsese, was shot on Hvar this summer. It is a family psychological drama whose plot takes place over four days on a Croatian island and whose premiere is expected in 2020.


The second and final season of the popular HBO series “Succession” was filmed this July on Korcula, an island that hosted a major film production for the first time. “Succession” is an American satirical drama series with elements of comedy, created by Jesse Armstrong and which after the broadcast of the first season “picked up” great reviews. The last episodes of this series were filmed on Korčula in the historic city center, in front of the Cathedral of St. Marko and in the restaurant “Cupido”, and then the set moved to the surroundings of Dubrovnik and the center of Cavtat.


The film Diana (2012), based on the last two years of the life of the English “Princess of the Heart” embodied in this film by British actress Naomi Watts, was mostly shot in Opatija. A controversial story involving the love of Lady Di and Egyptian doctor Hasanat Khan, she found her way to a wide audience and introduced her to Opatija’s tourist trump cards, all its splendor and romance. The fabulous Opatija turned out to be an idea This year, for the Italian-Croatian production that made the film “Nessuno è perfetto” in 2018, a joint production of Viola Film from Italy and MP production from Croatia, and a set of BBC series “McMafia” occupied Opatija for two weeks this summer . It is known that some shots were taken at the Milenij Hotel.


This summer, scenes for the science fiction film “Bliss” starring popular Hollywood actors Salma Hayek and Owen Wilson were filmed in the heart of Split, on the Riva, Prokurative and the Maštrović Gallery. Amazing Studios and Endgame Entertainment are collaborating on this SF drama, and the director is Mike Cahill. In the film, actor Wilson plays Greg, a recently divorced man whose life changes when he meets poor Isabel, who lives on the streets and believes that the world we live in is not real, so it will be extremely interesting to see how this “unreal Split” is shown on the big screen. . Apart from us, Bliss was also filmed in Los Angeles. The famous Salma was in Croatia in the spring, when she was filming “The Hitman’s Wife Bodyguard” in Rovinj and Zagreb with her colleagues Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson.